Dignitaries About the Event

Some of the testimomials received applauding the initiative of H.M. King Abdullah II of Jordan and the resolution passed by the UN
to celeberate World Interfaith Harmony Week and the efforts of Blossom Media to organise
Humanity First Conclave in order to support this noble initiative

Adv. Yusuf Abrahani

Advocate High Court, Former Member of Legilative Assembly

I take this as an opportunity to thank H.R.M King Abdullah II of Jordon and The United Nations for observing interfaith Harmony week, which is an important topic in today’s time. I received your handbill about the upcoming Humanity Conclave with the theme ‘Love God Love Neighbour’ at my club.

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Anjusha Chougule

Actress, Writer, Social Activist

Interfaith harmony is the need of the hour. I came to know through your program that is was an initiative by H.R.M King Abdullah II Of Jordon and the resolution to celebrate world interfaith harmony week by UN. You did a fabulous job by inviting respectable religious heads and dignitaries from various faiths.

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Deepali Vandana

CEO, Urja Trust

The UN observed interfaith harmony week ttitled Humanity First Conclave on teh theme of love God love Neighbour was an excellent attempt and I congratulate Blossom Media. Inspired by the event, I pledge to work for the interfaith harmony in all my capacity and might.

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Dr. Zahir Kazi

President, Anjuman-I-Islam

Had a great time attending event of importance and seeing that respectable and influential people from different professions and religion were present to support the cause initiated by H.R.M King Abdullah II of Jordon, a resolution passed by the UN and the pain taken by Blossom Media.

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Sanjeev Pendharkar

Director Vicco Laboratories

Seamless execution splendidly organized coupled with a great selection of venue. My sincere appreciation for all the efforts you put in to organize such a wonderful event Humanity First Conclave with all the prominent religious personalities and religious speakers under one roof it was indeed a dazzling day.

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Melwyn Fernandes

Director, Procyon Exhibitions

Congratulations to Blossom Media for hosting interfaith harmony program under humanity first conclave. The whole concept and execution of the program was amazing. Enjoyed Harmony dinner with my other faith friends. Cuisines from different faith served by you at dinner was a good idea.

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Yazdi Panthaki

Zoroastrian Head Preist

There was so much free exchange of genuine friendship amongst all religious heads, appealing to the celebrities of different walks of life in the audience and the response in return gave Blossom media a new image. We pray that UNO appreciates your labour and encourages you to have more such functions in future.

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Sister Anita Tairipascu

Principal, Auxiliun Convent High School

I must admit the Humanity First conclave show was an event of great importance and was executed with excellence. It was a proud moment for us to win communal harmony message competition award. We wish you success in all your endeavor. As a school we train our students to love their fellow citizens.

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Abu Farhan Azmi

Founder Parcham Foundation

Anand Prabhu

Sr. Manager Star India Pvt. Ltd.

Major Mohommed Ali

Film Actor, Former Major in Indian Army

Dr. Rajwant Singh

President EcoSikh, Washington DC

Atika Farooqi

Creative Director, Colors TV

Father Harry Vaz

Rector, Cathedral Holynames

All men are the same; it is through erroneous judgment they appear different. All men have the same eyes, the same ears, the same body, the same build, a compound of earth, air, fire and watet. Let no man, even by mistake, suppose there is a difference.

Guru Gobind Singh