Recap of various activities undertaken at Humanity First Conclave

The recap video gives the summary of the whole conclave. It starts with the host reading out to people about the objective and reason behind the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week celebration. It contains speeches of religious heads, in brief. It also has a glimpse of other important activities happened during the conclave and few testimonials of people attended.

A silent skit on interfaith harmony by special children

Every one was in tear watching the amazing act by special children of Ummeed Foundation. They beautifully conveyed the message of interfaith harmony and peaceful coexistence through an act without words. The play was admired by the audience and it effectively convyed the message of interfaith harmony.

Panel discussion by religious leaders on World Interfaith Harmony Week - Session I

Father Harry Vaz, Maulana Siddiqullah Choudhry, Dr. Rahul Bodhi, Ervad Yezdi Panthaki and Gaini Jaspreet Singh giving reference from religious scriptures on Loving God and respecting people of other faith. The panel is moderated by Sarfraz Khan Arzoo.

Panel discussion by religious leaders on World Interfaith Harmony Week - Session II and Harmony Planty Distribution

Spiritual heads of different religion are sharing their views on way forward for peace, commonalities between different faiths. The panel discussion ends with the inauguration and distribution of 'Harmony Plants'.


Jashne Mohabbat
Poetry on Interfaith Harmony

The audience enjoyed poetry on interfaith harmony in Jashne Mohabbat the second session of Humanity First Conclave of Blossom Media to celebrate official UN observance World Interfaith Harmony Week at National Sports Club of India, Worli, Mumbai on 3rd Feb 2019. The poet are Atika Farooqui, Quaiser Khalid (IPS) - IG in Maharashtra Police and Atul Agrawal.

H.E. Edgard D. Kagan - The Consul General of US in Mumbai addresses the Conclave

Speaking at the conclave as guest of honour, Edgard D. Kagan quoting the names of religious scriptures Bible, Holy Quran and Bhagvad Gita, said, “Every religion teaches compassion and love with neighbours”. He also said "instead of tolerance, interfaith haromny is the need of the hour and we all should work for it.

Sir Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala

CEO, Wockhadrt Foundation

Parvez Fareed

CEO, Ummeed Foundation

We appeal to religious leaders, professors and followers of our religions to build bridges and unite our hands with all people of good will to contribute in building peace in the world today and tomorrow.

Pope Francis – Head Vatican City State